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Capability of Cybermed Cloud
Cybersecurity & HIPAA

Security is at the core of CyberMed.Cloud. All data transferred and stored is cryptographically secure, using strict NIST compliant encryption standards and authentication controls.

Using a hybrid symmetric key approach, private user data is first signed with the creator's private key, then encrypted with a symmetric key. This provides the encryption to protect the data as well as authenticates the creator.

Changes are logged and include a signature of the user that changed the data and creates a Merkle tree log for forensically sound traceability.

TLS is used for secure communications for all data transfers.

Capability of Cybermed Cloud
data collection and Storage

The sky is your limit for the data you collect in CyberMed.Cloud. Handling both database and large file storage, all types of information can be collected and stored.

Collecting patient information, test results, diagnostic images, treatment history, and physician notes are safe in the HIPAA compliant data storage. Privacy regulations including GDPR and CCPA are fully supported.

Multiple types of other information, including assay information, controls, consumables, and device health can be stored safely and securely.

Capability of Cybermed Cloud
data Analytics
and AI

The data you collect from your medical device can unlock incredible potential. From basic statistical analysis to AI and Machine Learning, the possible productivity gains are enormous.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are transforming the landscape of Medical Devices and CyberMed.Cloud can boost your competitive edge. Our Machine Learning engineers can design and implement the software algorithms to take advantage of this blooming technology.

Whether for imaging diagnostics, predictive health analysis, or delivery of therapy, your device can have potential far beyond localized capabilities.

Capability of Cybermed Cloud
device monitoring

Devices can send live system health information, sensor data, as well as clinical data. System health can include a variety of indicators that may be used for scheduling service or pre-emptive repairs.

Device logs can also be collected and stored in CyberMed. Cloud. Analyzing these logs can provide helpful information about the behavior of components, environment profiles, and errors.

Capability of Cybermed Cloud
pay-per- use

Device Usage Tracking

A pay-per-use model provides your clients with an easy entry to using your device. By tracking the device's usage on CyberMed. Cloud and interfacing to payment systems, you can automatically collect payment as the device is used, as well as provide a valuable service to your clients.

Device Usage tracking also provides a clear picture of how your device is used by its operators. This can provide insight as to whether device capabilities are correctly utilized and identify training opportunities.

Capability of Cybermed Cloud
Consumables Tracking

Many devices have consumables as part of their use.  Often it is the consumables that provide recurring revenue for the manufacturer.

In Vitro Diagnostics generally have kits of reagents or cartridges; by keeping track of their consumption, alerts can be generated to order more, or trigger auto-replenishment.

Therapeutic devices with disposable components could benefit from this capability as well.

Capability of Cybermed Cloud
Patient Monitoring

CyberMed.Cloud opens doors for Telemedicine and at-home patient monitoring. With the onset of the COVID 19 pandemic, this has never been more important.

Telemedicine with the CyberMed Cloud allows for sample collection, video conferencing, and/or monitoring sensor data straight from the device to the cloud.

If an existing device does not support wifi or cellular, a communications module can be added for simple, painless connectivity.

Capability of Cybermed Cloud
data sharing

Authenticated data sharing and assigned privilege roles are key requirements of Medical Devices.

With CyberMed.Cloud group permissions can be assigned, enabling restricted data sharing with defined roles for the manufacturer, site administrators, device technicians, operators, and patients.

For at-home care, a patient can authorize data collected to be shared with his or her physician, care-taker or relative.

Capability of Cybermed Cloud
Test ordering and

CyberMed.Cloud can be used to manage the workflow needs of ordering tests, collecting samples, and reporting results.

CyberMed.Cloud enables interfacing with fulfillment houses for supplies, payment providers, and laboratory APIs. Site based or individualized reports provide summary information as well as detailed results.

Capability of Cybermed Cloud
Alert Notifications

Email or Text alerts are a valuable tool in your cloud offering. Below are examples of alert notifications provided:

- Patient test result available
- Hospital alerts for adverse events
- Consumables need ordering
- Service required
- Software Updates available

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Employee Screening

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, our client, DxTerity wanted to quickly provide an Employee Screening Service as part of the "KEEP AMERICA WORKING" initiative. The goal was to fulfill the tremendous demand for COVID-19 testing as workers needed to return to their places of employment during the pandemic.

Utilizing CyberMed.Cloud's out-of-the-box capabilities including HIPAA compliance and data security along with account management and authorized data sharing, we quickly created the necessary workflow. Our test ordering, reporting, and alert notification also provided the foundation for the project.

At-home testing

When Amazon approached DxTerity to provide COVID-19 test kits for sale on the Amazon marketplace, we were able to add that online workflow using our telemedicine capabilities within 2 weeks! Now tests are being sold on the Amazon Marketplace, enabling DxTerity to rapidly sell test kits utilizing Amazon's tremendous market reach.


Easy access to images in order to review, contrast, and compare is never more important than with Opthalmology. Our client wanted an iPad as the image user interface, receiving the images from the collection device. The iPad also would allow access to all previous images at the touch of a button, allowing the physician full access to current and previous images. With CyberMed.Cloud, the synchronization of images made it appear as if all the images were available on the iPad, without worrying about storage and access time.


For this project we used both the AWS Dynamo DB database for patient information with S3 buckets for the large images. Thumbnails synchronized allowed for quick selection of images of interest and subsequent download of the high resolution image.

Collecting EKG for Analysis & Treatment

Our client has a system which starts from collection of the patient EKG for analysis and ultimately  the Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) treatment that will be provided. CyberMed.Cloud is the solution to provide their complete workflow with its HIPAA compliant cloud storage and user portals allowing several roles and permissions laid out for the technician, physician, analysts, and scientists.
A complete solution was created to fulfill the workflow requirements, with elegant portals for the patient and clinic.

Drug detection

CyberMed.Cloud was also the Cloud of Choice for a drug detection breath analyzer for use by employers and law enforcement. The Cybersecurity provided by CyberMed.Cloud, and analysis of the risk profiles allowed for definitive defense for a device most certain attack attempts.


Online storage of Diagnostic test data is vital for several of our clients. They have used the data in a plurality of ways, from keeping track of the consumables used such cartridges, reagents, to keeping track of the instrument's health. With a multitude mechanical parts, the tracking of the instrument performance allows for failure prediction and prevention.

IVDs take immediate advantage of the consumables tracking and device monitoring capabilities of CyberMed Cloud. Test results are stored in our HIPAA and GDPR/CCPA compliant data storage.

Laser Therapy Device

Pay per use Therapy

Our client wanted to expand their market into areas that would benefit from a pay-per-use model and allow therapists to only pay for treatments used. This allowed their customers to use the device risk free in markets less able to purchase devices outright. We were able to use our frameworks to integrate the device to CyberMed.Cloud and use our pay-per-use support to provide what they needed.

unreliable Connectivity

Being able to use the device in a pay-per-use model without reliable connectivity to the internet allowed for expansion into additional markets that could only sync up occasionally. With CyberMed.Cloud data syncing was supported out-of-the-box, allowing for these situations.

At Home Diagnostics

We started with our client, Dxterity doing an at-home model for their diagnostic test kits.  Cybermed Cloud interfaced to the logistics to ship kits, the payment service provider, and their Laboratory APIs to allow for the entire shipping, payment and reporting workflow.

When COVID-19 hit, we were able to quickly convert to an Employer model, allowing our client to take on several clients that wanted to test employees coming to the office. Several enterprise clients had special needs that we established for them.

Later Amazon came to our client to make their test available online. We made that conversion within 2 weeks. allowing for massive numbers of people to order their test at home.

TMS Workflow

When our client needed to upgrade an antiquated system to a modern web framework with cloud storage, Cybermed Cloud fit the bill.

Cybermed Cloud is particularly well suited for to synchronize the patient data with the cloud so that each physician had all of the data available on the mobile tablet. Thumbnail images allowed for quick selection of the desired images. Loss of connectivity was seamlessly handled with this synchronized cache so that work could continue unimpeded.

A custom web portal was also designed for the project, giving the flexibility of viewing data either from the mobile, or high resolution monitor. Our React JS framework allowed for quick conversion from Mobile React Native to Cloud.


When our client wanted to make a small, versatile retinal imaging system with a mobile app front end, our expertise and frameworks in mobile medical applications connecting to Cybermed Cloud provided them a fast and efficient solution.

Cybermed Cloud is particularly well suited for to synchronize the patient data with the cloud so that each physician had all of the data available on the mobile tablet. Thumbnail images allowed for quick selection of the desired images. Loss of connectivity was seamlessly handled with this synchronized cache so that work could continue unimpeded.

A custom web portal was also designed for the project, giving the flexibility of viewing data either from the mobile, or high resolution monitor. Our React JS framework allowed for quick conversion from Mobile React Native to Cloud.


More than 30

designed for Ultra-efficient deployment

Our team of over 30 software engineers have tailored CyberMed.Cloud for the needs of medical devices, with the goal of quick and seamless integration, while maintaining paramount attention to security.  By pre-developing and validating the capabilities commonly requested as part of the base framework, we can save our clients an enormous amount of development time and money. From concept to completion, CyberMed.Cloud is ultra-efficient to deploy.

Our engineers are based in California.  We never off-shore our work.

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